Sound in Lightwaves

Sound in Lightwaves

Along the Stationsweg, hanging between two trees is a Sorama sound camera. This camera registers the sounds that people make on the spot. The frequencies from the sound field – the longitudinal sound waves from all directions – are analyzed and transformed into digital information. This information about the pitch of the sounds is transformed into a pattern of colored light on the TU/e campus chimney. The light waves move transversally and are transmitted by the ‘AnTUenna’, creating a picture of the frequencies of the sound climate they represent. The characteristics of the frequency of the sounds close to the camera are depicted at the bottom of the chimney and at the top of this light beacon the frequency variation is visible from the more distant sounds detected by the sound camera.

Looking at the chimney almost 700 meters away, the sounds to the right and left of the camera are visualized on the right and left of the chimney. Sound waves move a lot less quickly than light waves. The time that is required to register the sound is in the order of several hundredths of a second. The time between detection of the sound and observation of the moving light patterns is just a couple of millionths of a second. This interactive sound and light installation creates a sensation as though the sound effects simultaneously cause a single moving light image in different colors. Frequencies become visible for the senses.

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" A r e w e o n t h e s a m e f r e q u e n c y ? "

About the artist

TU/e i.s.m. Har Hollands & Sorama

Sound in Lightwaves is the result of a collaboration between Sorama, Eindhoven University of Technology and light architect Har Hollands.

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