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On Mathildelaan, Tatzu Oozu has constructed a scaffolding structure that visitors can climb up. At the top of the scaffolding, a small house-like structure has been placed, resembling a construction site office from the outside. However, the interior is designed as a bedroom, complete with wallpaper, curtains, and a houseplant. Above the bed hangs a massive reading lamp, which turns out to be the streetlamp the visitor unsuspectingly climbed past.

Tatzu Oozu has previously taken a statue of a horseback rider, a Christ figure, a car, and a church bell as his starting points. By adding familiar, domestic elements alongside them, he astounds the audience with the enormous differences in scale.

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About the artist

Tatzu Oozu

Tatzu Oozu, born as Tatsuro Nishi, works on projects under various pseudonyms. He consistently places an element from the public space into a domestic setting, almost always by leaving the element intact and building a space around it.

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