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For an enormous projection that covers the entire Philips Stadium, the artists paint glass plates measuring 18 x 18 cm. They use these transparent paintings as a basis for their projection, following the same principle as projecting a slide. As a result, the football stadium transforms into a large luminous body that appears to be painted like a canvas. The artwork combines traditional and modern techniques and influences the way we perceive and experience the stadium throughout the duration of the event.

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About the artist

Atelier Nordegg.berkh

C├ęcile Nordegg and Jonathan Berkh have been collaborating intensively since 1999 on spatial installations, sculpture, painting, and projections. Color plays a significant role in everything they do. They attach specific properties and emotions to each color, following the principles of light therapy. Regardless of the medium they work with, their essence always revolves around combining different colors of light.

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