no title - Mariënhage

no title - Mariënhage

This installation is specially developed for the Resurrection Chapel, which has been used as an ecumenical student church since 1960. The chapel was built in 1924 as part of the Augustinian Gymnasium of the Augustinian Fathers and is an extension to the old Mariënhage monastery complex.

Above the heads of the audience, a green laser beam runs. It is interrupted by small dust particles that swirl upward due to the movement of visitors. The motion of the dust is captured by a camera at the end of the laser beam and transformed into a large-scale projection. Due to the change in scale, the small dust particles appear more like celestial bodies such as stars and comets. The projection is directed onto a stained glass window, allowing a part of the light to be seen inside and a part outside.

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About the artist

Achim Mohné

Achim Mohne’s installations touch the boundaries of human perception and demonstrate how information in one medium can be converted into another medium. His works consist of laboratory-like setups in which various things can be seen or heard simultaneously.

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