Light architect Har Hollands, architect Kees Bos, and video producer Leon Verlaek presented “Weeping Willows” during the first edition of GLOW, a projection on weeping willows along the Dommel. Now, five years later, they have chosen a dead-end alley behind the Demer for an installation with light and sound.

The alley is located near the former Vijksteeg, which connected Vrijstraat to a parking lot. The passageway was narrow, poorly lit, and not very inviting. Redevelopment of the city center often means the end of messy places like this. Thus, the Vijksteeg became part of a luxurious new shopping street.

With “Ontstegen,” Hollands, Bos, and Verlaek pay tribute to the oddly growing and less attractive parts of the city. According to the creators, such places also contribute to the urban identity. Using projections, light effects, and sound, they depict the alley as a haven for imagination.

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Har Hollands, Kees Bos & Leon Verlaek

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Projects. 2010.

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