Pulse GLOW

Pulse GLOW

At the facade of the city hall, one hundred spotlights have been installed. Their light intensity fluctuates and depends on a sensor that registers the heartbeat of the audience. Visitors take turns sitting behind a heartbeat monitor. The rhythm of their heartbeats is taken over by the lamp furthest to the right, converting it into a rhythmically blinking light. The heartbeat slowly spreads to the left until the entire row of lamps pulsates in sync. After a brief pause in the blinking, each lamp continues according to its own rhythm. The heartbeats belong to the last hundred visitors, with the most recently measured heartbeat at the end of the row.

Although the installation may appear abstract at first glance, it is ultimately composed of something intimate and personal – a heartbeat. Lozano-Hemmer creates a collective installation to which each visitor contributes a small piece of themselves.

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About the artist

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Similar to ACT Lighting Design, Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer attempts to visualize the heartbeat of Eindhoven. He does not use metaphor; instead, he employs the actual heartbeat of the GLOW audience. The artist has gained worldwide fame for large-scale interactive projects displayed around the world.

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