Heilige Geeststraat and Prins Hendrikstraat (De Bergen)

Pulse emerges from Wilhelminaplein, announcing itself. First scattered here and there, then gradually more, almost randomly, yet organically you’ll observe the blushing windows. The density of illuminated windows grows as you walk through the streets, becoming more concentrated and powerful. It twinkles, radiates, glows, and pulses; the artwork is someone else’s home. After a busy workday, during dinner, while watching a favorite TV program: during GLOW, the residents of Heilige Geeststraat and Prins Hendrikstraat live in a work of light art. The Beat of Pulse is clearly the collective effort of all residents of these two streets, demonstrating the beauty of connection. Created by Jaap van den Elzen, this light artwork is an ode to the residents and the heart of Eindhoven. It is a site-specific work created and shaped by residents who express their love for the city with light and want to share it with all GLOW visitors.

Jaap van den Elzen had long played with the idea of developing a work in which the entire city could participate. Creating a meeting place for residents has thus become a public work. The city makes GLOW, and in Pulse, this is literally brought to light.

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' P u l s e i s s h a p e d b y t h e r e s i d e n t s o f t h e D e B e r g e n a r e a . B y i l l u m i n a t i n g t h e i r ( d i f f u s e d ) w i n d o w s w i t h v i b r a n t c o l o r s , t h e y m a k e t h e h e a r t b e a t o f t h e c i t y p a l p a b l e '

About the artist

Jaap van den Elzen

Jaap van den Elzen was born in 1977 and grew up in Boxtel. From skateboarding to Design Academy Eindhoven, where he successfully graduated in 2004, he rolled into the world of light art. Working for companies, governments, and individuals, he creates light installations that transcend boundaries. His work spans various domains: museums, festivals, or public spaces. In each location, the environment becomes part of his light art. From architectural structures to swaying trees to chance passersby, they all play a role in his creations. His work is known for its immersive sensory experiences. Visitors are enveloped and submerged. Despite the often abstract nature of his work, where geometric forms take center stage, he draws inspiration from nature.

Photographer: Klaartje Esch.

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