Safety First

Safety First

How far will you go for 100% safety?
Are you willing to give up your privacy?
Or didn’t you need to hide anything in the first place? Really? No secrets? Every little thing may go public?

A visual journey with private moments

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About the artist

Lieke, Lorenzo & Danny

Lieke, Lorenzo and Danny are fourth year students at the new education Creative Technologies. Their fascination about the other side of technology has brought them to the creation of this artwork. The education is all about technological innovation, from concept to execution. For them, GLOW is by far the ultimate platform to demonstrate their work of art.

Sint Lucas
With a wide range of creative-technical-entrepreneurial training at VMBO and MBO level in Eindhoven and Boxtel, SintLucas is the school for professions in the creative industry. SintLucas is more than just a school. SintLucas is a creative community. Pupils and students work on their creative development together with a network of companies, other schools and social organizations. The programs are tailored to the talents and ambitions of pupils and students. So that they are not only successful during, but also after their training.

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