Second Skin

Second Skin

The building used as the backdrop is located on Jonckbloetlaan and has a robust and balanced appearance due to its large brickwork, heavy frames, and completely symmetrical structure. It was designed in 1930 by architect A. Ingwersen, who drew inspiration from the Amsterdam School architectural style. Originally, it served as a lodge for unmarried employees of Philips. Today, it functions as an office building and holds the status of a national monument.

The projection consists of a white grid of lines slowly gliding over the building. The white lines emphasize the existing construction of the building while also providing a counterbalance. The moving, sometimes circular lines soften the static character of the building, giving it a pleasant lightness.

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About the artist

Stefan Hofmann

Projections are often directed onto a plain white surface. Stefan Hofmann takes a different approach by using a building as a projection screen. As a result, the projected images inevitably establish a relationship with the architectural lines.

Projects. 2006.Projects. 2006.Projects. 2006.Projects. 2006. Projects. 2006.Projects. 2006.Projects. 2006.Projects. 2006.
Projects. 2006.

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