You can hear them coming. A strange sound, murmuring and humming. And then suddenly you see them. Large inflatable structures on the street in the distance. They seem to be walking in a parade, but also suddenly stop in front of someone to start a strange conversation.

Picto Facto has organised the first ever street theatre show at the festival. Interactive and with a touch of humour. It is an illuminated show with amazing inflatable puppets, dancers and singers, designed especially for GLOW with the aim of bringing people together and making them smile. All through the streets of Eindhoven, where people are constantly on the move. It is the perfect place to create connections between people. The show brings extra colour and joy, and something surprising in familiar places. Take time out to stop and look. Relax and share your thoughts with the people around you. With passers-by standing next to you, who you wouldn’t normally talk to.

The giant and colourful inflatable structures designed by this street theatre company invite you to dream, dance and imagine new worlds. All with one ambition: to take part in a game of chance encounters (unexpected or desired) that is so typical of festivals. The music and choreography consist of a mixture of ideas. They refer to cartoon clips and ethnic songs, to numbers by The Residents and electronic music. Each inflatable is fitted with sound system that is connected to a central station controlled by the musician. Feel the playful energy together and experience art in an unusual and unique way. A smile on your face is guaranteed.

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" D e z e w a n d e l e n d e t h e a t e r s h o w z o r g t v o o r e c h t e k i p p e n v e l m o m e n t e n "

About the artist

Picto Facto

The street theatre group Picto Facto comprises around 15 artists, was founded thirty years ago and hasn’t stopped changing and evolving ever since. The artists who describe themselves as ‘image blowers’ create inflatable structures, and are inspired by everyday objects, cartoons and famous works of art. Their pictographic language consists of bright colours and simple geometric shapes that are reminiscent of childhood and evoke a poetic fantasy world with which any audience can identify. The company was born in 1992 and was built around the desire to create rhythmic images for the street. To tell stories about the world while walking between nonsense and fantasy, with one goal: sharing moments. Especially for Eindhoven, they have integrated the Dutch language into their songs and also written many scenes with the city in mind.

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