Super Nova

Super Nova

A colorful kinetic trip
A soothing kinetic experience of color. The visitor wants to keep looking at the 24 wheels that all lead an autonomous ‘life’. It is more than just looking… this psychedelic-kinetic work of art is something the visitor will have to experience. A true trip without hallucinogenic drugs. The quiet autonomous movement of the wheels gives most visitors the urge to keep looking. A sense of resignation. For SUPERNOVA the makers were inspired by the Op-Art, the kinetic art and the liquid slides from the 60s. he installation is made of wood, covered with printed textile.

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About the artist

Sculptor Void

SculptorVoid is a collective of young people who are still studying or at the beginning of their career and who are touched by art and technology and are looking for the connection between art and technology.

The group consists of:
Jens Helder, Luuk van Schriek, Thomas Moone, Tim Dijkhuizen, Sjoerd Helder, Jeroen Clappers, Sieb Engwirda en Hans-Peter Helder

Facilitation and coaching
The group can make use of the professional guidance and workshop of Hans-Peter Helder / Toro Vormgeving. Hans-Peter inspires and facilitates the team of young creatives in all areas – within his capabilities.

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