New Mutants

New Mutants

In this day and age when a virus dominates our daily lives, we know these particles mainly from the mean-sounding abbreviations and other names.

However, if you zoom in further on microbiology, you will find that these particles come in a wide range of fascinating shapes.

Because not everyone has a microscope and contrast medium at home we try to give an impression of all kinds of shapes, textures and colours. In short, we present you with a number of (harmless) new variants. These new mutants have been enlarged so that we can experience them in all their beauty. This collection of mutants was partly created in collaboration with students from the student association SSRE from Eindhoven.

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About the artist

Har Hollands

About the artist
Har graduated in the early 1980s from ‘Eindhoven University of Technology’, department of ‘Architecture and Urbanism’. After his studies, he worked as a lighting designer for 14 years at the Lighting Design & Application Centre of ‘Philips Lighting’. Started in 1998 with the office for architectural lighting: ‘Har Hollands Lichtarchitect’. From 2010 until 2014 he was curator of the light festival GLOW in Eindhoven. For several years he was a fellow at the Intelligent Lighting Institute of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

About the partner
The general student association SSRE was founded in 1957. With over 500 members, it has been the largest student association of Eindhoven for years. They maintain their own traditions and try to explore as many facets of student life as possible. They do not only maintain their social contacts but also develop themselves on multiple levels. This year is centered around the 65th anniversary of SSRE, celebrated with the theme ‘Focus’. After living almost two years during the pandemic, ‘Focus’ represents the shift in mindset of the students. The focus, in other words, the focal point, is also the place where everything and everyone comes together. SSRE consists of a diverse group of students who live everywhere across Eindhoven, but always come together in their own clubhouse Eυναια (home port). This monumental building, situated on the Vestdijk 22 in the center of Eindhoven, is a home port for every member.

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