Swinging in the Light

Swinging in the Light

Valk has stretched thick, padded hammocks between two rows of trees in Stadswandelpark, with an infrared lamp positioned above each hammock. She invites residents of Eindhoven to use the public space in an original way and enjoy it together with others, ensuring that the experience is as pleasant as possible.

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About the artist

Veronika Valk

Veronika Valk lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. Due to its northern location, this city experiences icy cold and nights that can last up to sixteen hours in winter. Public life slows down during this time, and a large number of people struggle with lethargy and depression in the winter months.

For Veronika Valk, who has a background in architecture, light is not just a material. She uses it not only to enhance the outdoor space but also to influence the psychological and physical well-being of users. Through light, she aims to bring some literal illumination during bitter times.

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