To pass is Enough

To pass is Enough

Different cameras are positioned to capture people walking through the street during the day. When it’s dark, the images are projected onto the pavement as negatives. This means there is a chance that people see themselves as glowing silhouettes. The recordings from the next day are superimposed on those from the previous day, resulting in the growing crowd of people throughout the duration of the festival.

Lejman demonstrates that raw footage from security cameras can lead to aesthetic images. The shopping public, reduced to almost abstract shadows on the cobblestones of the pedestrian zone, passes by the visitor at times strolling, sometimes skipping or running. We, as researchers, observe the peculiar movements and behaviors of the people at our feet, even though we are among them.

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About the artist

Dominik Lejman

Polish artist Dominik Lejman works in various media, including videos, video installations, photos, and paintings with projected images. He often uses surveillance cameras for his recordings, including the installation he created for GLOW in the Nieuwe Emmasingel.

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