Hop on board! In this interactive light installation, you become a ‘passenger’ and part of this colorful artwork. The Eindhoven design team, Enversed, invites you to draw your own ‘light train.’ Through the artistic talent of GLOW visitors, a landscape of light trains emerges in the new Central Hall of Eindhoven Station. The light installation ‘TraiNSketch’ makes you part of a dynamic painting where the world of the Dutch Railways whizzes by at high speed.


Foto: Claus Langer


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About the artist


Enversed, based in Strijp-S, specializes in creating virtual reality experiences for training, presentations, architecture, and entertainment. Specifically for GLOW, they venture into interactive drawings, exploring a different landscape of interactive experiences.

Design team (concept) Enversed: Tim van der Grinten / Myrthe van der Grinten / Jurgen van der Vlist



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