Trees of Life

Trees of Life

Trees of Life is an eccentric installation which puts visitors who are not afraid to share an emotional experience in complete control. Trees of Life combines nature in the city with Eindhoven’s second nature – technology and design – and visualizes the relationship between man and nature which is essential for our survival. Maybe this is also one of the best-kept secrets of Eindhoven, which is home to a diversity of trees that is unique in the Netherlands. Those trees have a significant impact on how we experience the city.

The interaction with Trees of Life creates a new connection between two souls which makes people feel at one with the tree and with Mother Nature. As a visitor, you become part of this interactive installation. When you touch the tree, it comes to life and displays an animation. Trees of Life connects and unites people through this near-mystical experience.

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" A r e y o u s e l f - c o n f i d e n t e n o u g h t o m a k e c o n t a c t w i t h a t r e e ? "

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