Story of Light

Story of Light

Story of Light is an installation that tells a tale of inventions and the history of light. The artist, Kari Kola, felt honoured when he was asked to create a work of art for the Philips Villa. Philips has had more influence on light than any other company in the world. We go back to the time when natural light was the only light that existed, to the time of the inventions and the beginning of a historical time line into the future. These elements map out a storyline based on a variety of technologies: LED walls, patchworks based on LED light, PANI projections and landscapes of composed sound.

Story of Light has been specially created for GLOW 2017 and specifically for the Philips Villa site. Kari Kola combines many aspects of light in this storyline, because light has an effect on us all.

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" W e w e r e o n c e s t a r v e d o f l i g h t a n d n o w w e a r e s t a r v e d o f d a r k n e s s . W e n e e d t h e m b o t h . "

About the artist

Kari Kola

The Finnish Light Artist Kari Kola has designed and implemented lighting for all sorts of operas, musicals, plays, concerts, landscapes, festivals and dance productions. Next to this, Kola developed various outdoor light installations, designed multi-channel soundscapes and taught in different disciplines of lighting.
Kola specializes in combining different forms of art within his creations. Creating large outdoor light installations, however, remains Kari Kola’s greatest passion and is in fact his main expertise.

Video Animations: Tiia Pulkkinen
Music: Ilmari Tiitinen

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