Tunnel of Light

Tunnel of Light

The ‘Tunnel of Light’ has been developed by three students of the Fontys School for Electrical Engineering. During their minor ‘Be Creative’, they started building an interactive light installation, which is now part of GLOWNext.

The result is a life-size LED matrix, consisting of about 3,000 LED lights, which forms the scenery of a three-dimensional experience for the GLOW visitor. Go ahead, walk through it and take control of the lights. Co-operate with other visitors and create great effects together or simply leave it be, allowing it to create its own spectacle. The glass side walls enable you to enjoy the project form the outside as well. Either way, you are in for an extraordinary experience!


Foto: Claus Langer

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About the artist

Fontys BeCreative

The team consists of three Fontys students Electrical Engineering

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