Light and sound are both forms of waves. Just like radio waves, and the waves that allow our mobile phones to communicate with each other. These waves surround us, but we never see them. Until now! Because here, on the birthplace of radio and television, sound waves are made visible. Whistle, clap, talk, sing, or shout, and watch the waves move through space and reflect on the walls.

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About the artist

TU/e Openlight & Sorama

Waves is a unique project developed for GLOW Next. It premiered there in 2013 and then went on an international journey. A beautiful example of a Made in Eindhoven light project developed by young talent and now advancing to the main route of GLOW.

The project was developed with nine students from Industrial Design at TU/e. In a master class by OPENLIGHT: the creative lab of the Intelligent Lighting Institute at Eindhoven University of Technology.

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