Wij zijn de Tijden

Wij zijn de Tijden

Buitenaanzicht Ceremoniehuis De Kapel, Kanaalstraat 4

The Mariënhage area has been the setting for meaningful encounters over the centuries. In the church, on the Augustinanum and in the monastery. DOMUSDELA is also a house of encounters, a place where happiness and sadness coexist. Just like in our daily life.

At the DOMUSDELA complex time speaks. The great inspirer of the Augustinians, the Church Father Augustine, said in his day (which was around 430), “As we are, so are the times”. By this he means that we, here and now, embody time. The past is no more and no less than the current time of memory. In his view, the future is the present tense of expectation. Ancient, timeless insights that continue to inspire us to this day. We are happy to share them with you. That is why you will find them highlighted on the outside on the Kanaalstraat.

Let’s rather live well
Then the times will be good too
because we are the times
as we are, the times are*

*Augustinus, Sermo 80/8

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About the artist

Bert Dirrix

Titel: Wij zijn de tijden
Bert Dirrix | diederendirrix architectuur en stedenbouw
 Metafoor van Augustinus en de Tijd: Gerard Rooijakkers voor DOMUSDELA
Locatie: Buitenaanzicht Ceremoniehuis De Kapel

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