Awakening of Mary

Awakening of Mary

Augustijnenkerk, Tramstraat 37

The Awakening of Mary is a light sculpture: mother and virgin in one. Various different contemporary women, of all ages and from various ethnical backgrounds, represent this universal woman. Women between 21 and 73 years old. They all represent a mother and a virgin, full of purity and beauty. A lovely ideal, but often unattainable.

The video loop depicts women in all their nakedness. Pure. The head is chastely covered with clips of their own skin, so that Mary becomes ‘tangible’ and approachable.

The ‘Awakening of Mary’ was created in collaboration with the Dutch Chamber Orchestra and is made possible by AFK Culture grants. It creates an intense moment for the audience, where purity, the soul and respect for the body come together and the spiritual and sensory worlds meet. The piece evokes a feeling of connection with the location. An (un)consciousness that is part of our spiritual heritage. Our daily existence, material and immaterial. It uses light as a metaphor. It can bring people together in urban or public spaces, emphasise the culture and identity of the city and shape the night landscape.

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" D i t p r o j e c t t o o n t h e d e n d a a g s e v r o u w e n g e w o r t e l d i n b e e l d e n e n i n t e r p r e t a t i e s "

About the artist

Titia Ex

Titia Ex is a Dutch artist who makes monumental light installations and works of film. Her artwork is seen as conceptual and has been displayed in both public spaces and buildings, such as the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. That is also her hometown At the beginning of her career, Titia Ex was more focused on film and photography, but now she experiments with light in the broadest sense. With natural and artificial light, with different light sources, predominantly neon and LED and with different materials. Art, light and public spaces are Titia Ex’s playing fields. She sees public spaces as living organisms. The history of the location is important to her, as is the use of the space and its rhythm. Because an ever-changing environment can have a huge impact on human behaviour. Light plays an essential role in this. She uses light to create installations on the cutting edge of art, science and technology, in hospitals, squares, museums or festivals, at home and abroad. She also gives light-sensitive tours and guest lectures, including recently at the TU Delft and the HKU Utrecht.

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