GLOW 2022 x Energie

GLOW and Energy

Just like everyone else, GLOW also must deal with increasing energy costs. We also understand that the public wants to know how we, as GLOW, are handling the energy crisis. Especially in these times. So we would like to share this with you.

What does GLOW use?

This year, GLOW has 33 light artworks that use a total of 5000 Kwh of electricity over nine days (eight days + one dress rehearsal evening). The organisation also uses a further 2000 Kwh of electricity (for temporary accommodation, crew, testing etc.).

In response to the European Union’s call to use 10% less energy, GLOW will switch off the lights one hour earlier this year from Monday to Thursday. namely at 22:00 instead of 23:00. This will save 500 Kwh.

The total energy consumption is therefore 6500 Kwh. This is comparable to the average consumption of around 100 Dutch households in the same nine days. GLOW is a foundation, which means that we are responsible for the (extra) costs this consumption entails.

How does GLOW get its power?

GLOW is powered in several ways:

  • 2 artworks do not use the energy network. These experimental projects can be seen in the Anne Frankplantsoen. They are supplied with energy from the water of the Dommel and the movements of GLOW visitors themselves.
  • 3 of the GLOW artworks and the permanent works use the so-called event cabinets supplied by the municipality of Eindhoven. When supplying electricity, the municipality of Eindhoven buys so-called Guarantees of Origin. These Guarantees of Origin refer to 100% Dutch wind energy.
  • The other works use ordinary mains power that is obtained from private or business grid connections.

GLOW in times of energy crisis

Light is a beacon of hope, life, joy, wonder and connection. People need light. With a few more energy-saving measures, with which we have also realised the 10% energy saving as requested by the European Union, we believe that we can make GLOW happen in a responsible way.

That’s why we invite everyone to come and GLOW and to walk the GLOW route with many others. We also call on visitors to turn off their lights at home and switch off equipment. Together we can save much more energy than GLOW costs in electricity.

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