Gijs van Bon designed an artwork that fuses technology and nature. By scanning a lot of nature and shaping it with a laser into a complex network of semiconductors. In this installation, the organic structure and network of branches of a tree in the Nachtegaallaan are examined by three lasers. Because it is easy to draw a parallel between the current complex technical networks and the natural structures of trees and plants. In addition, _Root mentally refers to the brain, artificial intelligence and the origin of communication.

The lasers draw the tree with dots, lines and shapes. By creating lasers in certain places, an elevated type of points, so-called nodes, create a network between elements. The nodes are connected to each other by a light game running over the branches. The installation shows circular six possible visual phases. Each cycle takes a few minutes. No cycle is the same. The phases are constantly being reconstructed; The lasers choose other paths, shapes and sounds. Each cycle that goes through each phase will therefore differ from the other. In appearance, sound and dynamics.

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" A b e a u t i f u l p a r a l l e l : t e c h n o l o g y a n d n a t u r e . "

About the artist

Gijs van Bon

Installation artist Gijs van Bon (1975) studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and at the theatre division of HKU. At first, he became famous for his abstract, kinetic objects. From 2001, he regularly exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad. His multi-disciplinary objects and installations are best described as somewhere in between abstract, moving objects and theatrical installations. Gijs works at his dynamic workshop ‘La Citta Mobile’ in Eindhoven.

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