SWITCH [life, transforming light…] stands for a number of experimental spaces, where the SWITCH producers want to give the visitors experiences. They challenge them to brainstorm about the future of light in the city.

In the first spaces awareness is central: light does this in everyday life too, often without being noticed. Next, they look at how this everyday experience can be interpreted in the city. How can you make public spaces ‘softer’ with light? Themes like safety, visibility and quality of life get discussed here. GLOW visitors can participate in the various experiments. How natural can artificial light really be? Together you will study, investigate and explore the various characteristics of daylight and the impact it has on our lives. Artificial light makes it possible for us to work through the night and to remain active, but is this very healthy? Can we say something about time based on daylight? In brief, without sunlight we cannot live, but what do we really know about it and the extent to which it contributes to different social scenarios?

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" L i g h t i s l i f e "

About the artist

TU/E, Har Hollands, Fontys, MBO Sint Lucas, LUX LAB & Rethinking Group

A cooperation between the University of Technology Lecturer Light Mariëlle Aarts and light architect Har Hollands, Fontys and SintLucas. The students worked together with Ellen de Vries of LUX LAB and Rethinking Group. It is a result of a cooperation and discussion between everybody involved.

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