In her work, Marie Sester examines the norms and values regarding the use of modern information technology. With “ACCESS,” she makes the public aware of the presence of surveillance cameras in public spaces. She shows both the possibilities they offer for safety and control, and the consequences they have on our privacy.

In the busy hall of Eindhoven Station, she sets up a camera to capture the movements of visitors. The recorded images are live-streamed on the internet. Remote internet users can control a spotlight and decide who will be literally in the spotlight. Additionally, the person being spotlighted is addressed via speakers.

It quickly becomes clear that the reactions from the public vary widely. Some people find it uncomfortable to be followed by the spotlight and try to escape it, while others enjoy the attention and try to keep it. Sester makes us reflect on the use and function of surveillance systems and the boundaries we draw as individuals.

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Marie Sester

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