Vesteda toren

Be yourself! With this message, the talented students of the SintLucas want to shine a multicoloured spotlight on this Eindhoven icon. They came up with Rainbow for a very good reason. Rainbow flags represent our diversity in gender, race, age and all the other ways we differ from each other. At the same time, the rainbow is something magical. It is nature’s most beautiful light show, a spiritual phenomenon that symbolises diversity and human rights. And as the students themselves say: ‘Because at the SintLucas you can be yourself!

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" O m d a t j e o p h e t S i n t L u c a s j e z e l f m a g z i j n ! "

About the artist

Students Sint Lucas

The students of Stage and Event Technology opted for a light display in coloured LEDs. Pink, red, purple, blue, orange, green. It is intense and breath-taking, huge and visible, sparkling from all corners of Eindhoven. With the city icon as backdrop, the students and GLOW joined forces to show that diversity connects the city like a treasure trove of colour. Right in the middle of the route, like a benchmark and a statement.

The challenge during the development of this installation was to include as many apartments as possible. Special screens ensure that they aren’t bothered by the contrasting colours and bright lights.

Foto: Gavin Lammers (left) and Teun van Seggelen (right)
Light show: Pip van Gent, Teun van Seggelen, Gavin Lammers
Technique: Hans van Malsen and Ties Bogers

SintLucas: Concept, Pre-production en realization
Full AVL: Show control
Bazelmans: (Light) Equipment

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