Bouquets d'abat-jours

Bouquets d'abat-jours

In 2010, this artist collective was already featured at GLOW, presenting luminous plants and trees at 18 Septemberplein. In 2012, Wilhelminaplein was the setting for Bouquets d’abat-jours.

The colorful bouquets are not made of flowers but of traditional lampshades. Although blown up to enormous proportions, they still remind us of the homeliness of a living room. The lamps bend kindly over the audience, making Wilhelminaplein a pleasant place to stay. With their ever-changing colors, they also give the square a cheerful and festive appearance. At the foot of the lamps, there are opportunities to rest or have a chat.

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About the artist


TILT is a French collective that specializes in the interplay of light, design, and architecture. They create both temporary and permanent objects, always aiming to make the public see the public space with different eyes. TILT’s designs are often inspired by nature.

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Projects. 2012.

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