Photon's Dance

Photon's Dance

Teresa Mar paid homage to light with her installation Photon’s Dance. Light can be seen as a stream of massless particles, called photons. At the same time, it manifests itself as a wave motion. Teresa Mar makes both aspects of light visible in her installation.

A large-scale projection covers the Admirant like a shell. In the passing images, elementary shapes such as lines, points, and waves appear. These are ways to describe light or the movement of light, but also primitive signs that form the basis of our writing.

All significant aspects of light and visual perception play a role in Photon’s Dance: the colors of the rainbow, shadows, silhouettes, and movement. Teresa Mar has dissected the visible reality and reduced it to its basic ingredients. These elementary particles now dance, just like the photons, over the façade of the Admirant.

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Teresa Mar

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