Bwindi Light Masks

At Lichtplein in 2012, forty identical African masks were placed. They came from Bwindi National Park in Uganda. As soon as the first tones sound, the masks light up slowly. Colorful light is visible through the openings for eyes and mouth, as well as on a large projection screen behind the masks. Small changes in lighting have a significant visual impact. The performance resembles a magical ritual.

The composition Legend by the Bulgarian women’s choir Angelite in collaboration with the overtone singers Huun Huur Tu from the Russian republic of Tuva can be heard. What light, song, and traditional masks have in common is that they are elements that play a role in religious ceremonies. In countries and cultures worldwide, they are seen as a connection between the earthly and the heavenly or supernatural. In this performance, Richi Ferrero connects their symbolism and meaning.

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About the artist

Richi Ferrero

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