Carbon Arc

Carbon Arc

Let there be light! A seriously juicy bundle of light. 4000 cubic metres to be precise. An impressive monolith of light projecting along the canal.

Before your eyes lies no modern LED or Xenon sorcery, but a mighty Carbon Arc light source from World War II. With the help of these enormous searchlights, incoming enemy aircraft could be spotted in the night sky. Carbon-Arc light is based on technology that pre-dates the light bulb. The Sperry Anti-Aircraft Carbon Arc Searchlight emits a 1.5m+ beam of light more powerful than 800 million candles. Clear skies permitting, its beam reaches out to a whopping 15km! Due to the turning carbon rods, the light within the beam dances a little bit. At the end of the canal, the beam is reflected by a mirror to get an even brighter beam.

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About the artist

Ivo Schoofs & Pepe Heijnen

It took Kinetic Humor’s Ivo Schoofs and Pepe Heijnen more than a year to restore this 80 year old searchlight. Especially for Glow. Pepe and Ivo discarded the diesel six cylinder generator the light would originally have run off. And, as a first, the polluting power source has been replaced with a custom built transformator of mega proportions.

Ground based anti-aircraft divisions had only a 6 minute warning to prevent an aerial bombing raid. Incoming aircraft were first located using enormous horn-shaped sound isolators, then once illuminated were shot down. A matter of Life and Death employing the best ears, the best guns and only the very best light. Feel for yourself its power around the canal.

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