Cortex Machine

Cortex Machine

The light installation “Cortex Machine” shows the intricate interrelation of the geometric patterns which are interwoven in the brain. These patterns actually derive from the spectators and are combined into a big web of ropes. This collection of ropes transfers the individual data of the nervous system (thoughts, emotions, instincts) into the structure of an artificial super-brain. The “Machine” collects all this information simultaneously and transforms it into data that is spread into the digital world by electronic wires and satellites. Sounds of crisping brain cells, colours and light beams find their way to the KPN tower and are transmitted to parallel worlds; ready to be transferred, downloaded and streamed.


Foto: Claus Langer


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About the artist

Tom DeKyvere

Tom Dekyvere explores the deeper layers of reality and mind. Just like the former alchemists, probing for unexpected connections, in search of the boundaries between nature and technology, between man and robot, between dead and living matter.

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Projects. 2016.

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