On the façade of the Effenaar, the pop stage for Southern Netherlands, a laser makes sound visible. Cymatics creates a physical connection between sound and laser patterns.

A mirror, fixed to a speaker, reflects a laser on the building’s façade. The vibrations from the sound from the speaker then move the mirror. The result is the fascinating pattern on the façade.

This light project, created by Fontys Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering students, links the Effenaar to Eindhoven as the city of light. The light from the laser represents Eindhoven and the sound from the speaker the Effenaar. Together they form a splendid connection, depicted in the projected patterns.

An international team of Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering students created this visualization of sound. The goal of the students is not just to make an impressive-in-appearance light projection, but to teach the public something about the nature of sound.

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About the artist

Fontys studenten Technische Natuurkunde en Werktuigbouwkunde

We are Team Cymatics and we are determined to bring the world of technology into the spotlight. Team Cymatics is a multidisciplinary and international team of students from Fontys Engineering Physics and Fontys Engineering. In Engineering Physics students learn about the fundamental processes of the physical world, ranging from photonics to mathematics and electronics. In Engineering students learn how to design, analyse and improve products, processes and systems.

Daan van Assouw
Tina Dijkhuizen
Bram van Kuyck
Alexis Venemans
Chris Kaethoven
Kristel Barreda Castillo
Yoonchang Nam

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