Dark Winter

Dark Winter

For GLOW, Rebecca Belmore has created a simple yet effective work in the garden between the Paterskerk and the Mariënhage monastery complex.

She covers the ground with artificial snow, making the remains of the old monastery wall stand out clearly against the surroundings. She then places a bright spotlight on one of the adjacent buildings. The light shining through the arched windows, together with the elongated shadows on the ground, forms a monumental installation that evokes a sacred atmosphere and makes the history of the place almost tangible.

In 1420, Jan van Schoonhoven, Lord of Cranendonck and Eindhoven, donates his old castle ‘Die Haghe’ to the canons of St. Augustine, who establish the Mariënhage monastery there. The wall used by Belmore in her installation dates back to 1628 and is the oldest preserved part. A modern extension is still in use as a monastery.

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About the artist

Rebecca Belmore

Rebecca Belmore, who currently resides in Canada, belongs to the Anishinabe, one of the original inhabitants of North America. Her sculptures, video installations, and performances focus on the relationship between history, place, and identity.

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