Exploded Views

Exploded Views

Exploded Views – Remapping Firenze is an interactive installation where participants move on three adjacent treadmills. On a screen in front of the treadmills, images of a city are displayed. The outlines of the buildings are derived from structures in Florence and appear as white pixels against a black background. The walking pace of the participants determines the speed at which the images of the virtual city and the corresponding sound field pass by.

The city shown on the screen is devoid of people. However, the sound is composed of recordings in the busy center of Florence and suggests human activity. Participants can navigate through the city based on the projected images or walk from one place to another based on auditory cues. It is up to the viewer to imagine a city where visual, auditory, and bodily information are integrated into a cohesive whole.

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About the artist

Marnix de Nijs

Marnix de Nijs is interested in how technology affects the senses. His installations involve machines, media like images and sounds, as well as the body of the observer. The work often requires physical effort from the audience, resulting in a total experience that goes beyond just sight and hearing to involve muscles and nerves.

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