Hommage to the square

Hommage to the square

For “Homage to the Square,” the artists overlay a grid over the map of Eindhoven, forming blocks of 100×100 meters. Each quadrant is digitally edited, displaying streets and squares as white lines or areas against a black background. Parameters of this image, such as horizontal or vertical elements, determine the frequency or duration of the accompanying sound.

The images are projected onto the interior of the Catharinakerk, which dates back to the thirteenth century. The order and orientation of the images, as well as their speed of transition, are determined by a random system. Together, the visuals and sounds create an installation that makes visible and audible the result of seven hundred years of expansion from the historical center of the city.

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About the artist

Eva Maria Joeressen & Klaus Kessner

Since 2001, visual artist Eva Maria Joeressen and composer Klaus Kessner have collaborated on audiovisual installations. Their work is always site-specific. Characteristics of the location, such as its shape or history, serve as a starting point, which is then analyzed and finally made perceptible through visuals and sound.

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