This season the Klokhuis program intended to pay attention to the ecological footprint. Thereafter GLOW decided to depict the footprint on a scale during the festival in November.

At the Ketelhuisplein Hugo Vrijdag is going to colour the whole floor and surrounding buildings with flowers. From the inside, the surrounding buildings and the windows of these houses colour green as well. One wide green valley. With this artist, Hugo Vrijdag visualizes The Dutch Footprint. A piece of light art of 5 hectares. Because that is the surface every Dutchman claims with our lifestyle. Distributed over the world population we can use a maximum of 1.6 hectares. During GLOW 2021 are going to project that ambition, literally.

Het Klokhuis will be recording this project at GLOW to visualize the size of the current Dutch footprint. The TV program will use the images for its series devoted to the theme.

You make GLOW
The Dutch footprint extends beyond the projection on Ketelhuisplein. The project started weeks before GLOW, in which more than 60 primary schools from Eindhoven took part. At school, the children drew and painted flowers, plants and insects. These works of art were digitized and processed into the projection on the Ketelhuisplein.

You make GLOW In addition, the primary school students started making a flower lantern for GLOW. Lesson letters were sent for this and instructional videos were shared. On November 8 2021, primary school children walked a route on Strijp-S that encloses 5 hectares. Then they gathered at the Ketelhuisplein. There, Vrijdag and the children projected the ideal footprint, a flower collage of 1.6 hectares, covering Ketelhuisplein and the surrounding buildings. A spectacular event that was recorded by the Klokhuis film crew on 8 November.

But you can also get started making a flower lantern! Put it in front of the window, take it to GLOW or share it with GLOW! For more information and instructions on:

Green valley
Stam + De Koning, Signify and Trudo are also proud to contribute as social partners during GLOW 2021. In addition to the projection with flowers by Hugo Vrijdag, they also colour the surrounding area at Strijp-S green. The three parties will also jointly highlight the Trudo Toren, which houses 125 new social rental homes. All residents received a lamp and set it to green during the GLOW week.

De Nederlandse Voetafdruk The Dutch Footprint (De Nederlandse Voetafdruk) app navigates you to the GLOW artwork of Atelier Vrijdag. You will see when you arrive in the red zone. An area of 5 hectares. That consumes a Dutchman to live. That should actually be 1.6 hectares. The app shows the way to the flower zone. The flashlight of the smartphone turns on so that you become part of the artwork. This app was developed by Fontys students.

Available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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About the artist

Hugo Vrijdag

The work ‘Footprint’ is a broad collaborative project by artist Hugo Vrijdag, Cultuurstation, Trudo housing association, Stam + De Koning, Signify, NPO program Het Klokhuis and 60 Eindhoven schools.

Hugo Vrijdag (1970), graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. As a visual artist and designer he combines his fascination for technology with storytelling. He is co-founder of the science centres De Ontdekfabriek (Eindhoven), Het Ontdekstation (Tilburg) and the Uitvindfabriek (Breda).

Cultuur Station connects Eindhoven education and culture. In this project, they were the link between the primary schools and the GLOW project, on which all these parties were working.

Signify is market leader in lighting. Together with the Municipality of Eindhoven, the company is the founder of GLOW. Trudo is an Eindhoven housing corporation that does more than just housing. The Trudo Tower is one of Trudo’s newest initiatives, with a focus on green living. Stam + De Koning is a construction company and has built the Trudo Tower.

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