Ode to Light

Ode to Light

In this work, Daniel Margraf brings the images, which he otherwise uses to stage the facades of buildings, to life in an empty industrial hall. The space where the milk used to be processed has been transformed into a cathedral of light in all its facets.

The visitor walks into the installation and is completely absorbed in the world of colours and shapes. He becomes part of the unique statues in the Milk Factory. Just like in a clearing in the forest, the visitor is surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the overwhelming wealth of images. Wherever the eye is drawn to; every centimetre is provided with an image. The visitor is literally in the middle of a collage of images, an elusive environment with a beauty that touches and a lightness that fascinates. The visitor can wander through the space and if he looks closely, always discover new things. Depending on the extent to which the visitor opens up to the space, he can experience more different facets. Everyone experiences the space in their unique way. Nevertheless, people also meet in the unity of the light. Their common experience allows them to be one with the light, colours and patterns. In this way, the hall becomes a space of transformation, of experience, of meeting, of feeling, of connection and unity.

About the artist

Daniel Margraf

As an interdisciplinary artist, Daniel Margraf is active in both digital and classical analogue light art. In his works, technique and feeling play together. The atmosphere is designed with flair and sensitiveness.

In his studio, Spreefunkeln, complex and innovative lighting applications are being developed and implemented in the areas of lighting design, room installation and programming as well as lighting manufacture.

Daniel Margraf’s work should connect people, bring them “to the same level“. With his expressive analogous light pictures, he wants to create a space into which people can immerse themselves and decelerate, find peace and become discoverers. Houses and places are getting transformed by his light artwork so that people can experience familiar places completely new.

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