Foundation - Catharinakerk

Foundation - Catharinakerk

In Foundation, the Catharinakerk (St. Catherine’s Church) takes center stage. For Gustavo Avilés, this building embodies the origin of the spiritual and religious in the city. The idea of the church as a place that brings enlightenment forms the starting point. The stained glass windows are brightly illuminated from the inside, as if the interior of the church is filled with radiant white light. The colorful representations in the windows are thus clearly visible from the outside as well. The exterior has been given a blue color, merging the architecture and the windows into one large light object. The music composed by Nacho Rodriguez Bach adds to the impressive whole.

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About the artist

Gustavo Avilés

Gustavo Aviles is a Mexican designer who not only seeks creative and effective ways to illuminate buildings but also develops new lighting tools and principles. With his team, he has undertaken significant projects spread across Mexico, the United States, and Europe. These projects involve both internal and external lighting of structures.

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