“The medium is the message” McLuhan

GASLIGHTING is a form of emotional manipulation through continual denial, deception and lies. The term comes from the similarly named film from 1940, in which a husband dimmed the gas lamps to make his wife question her sanity. For the artist, familiarity with this type of manipulation is crucial in the current Post-Truth and Trump times. Especially because it is sometimes difficult to discern.

The work GASLIGHTING refers to both the manipulation tactic and the medium of the object. A symbiotic relationship between the signifier and the medium arises through the self-referential character of the work. The object appeals to the field of tension between medium and meaning. That is embedded in the haggling over whether or not news is FAKE!

Technical production: Munne

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About the artist

Olga Mink

Olga Mink studied Fine art & Animation and obtained her Masters at Sandberg Institute. She has been working as an artist, curator, consultant and researcher for different organisations. Currently she is director of Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven.

Munne started in the 90s in Berlin with neon art and specialised in the workshop in Eindhoven. In addition to this, Munne was involved in establishing various interdisciplinary projects like Rararadio.

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