Anne Frankplantsoen

In the middle of Anne Frankplantsoen, a massive sphere descended from the sky earlier. With radiant light and an enchanting atmosphere, it’s a mysterious object. So enigmatic that it invites you to come closer and seek a revelation. It promises to be a numeral mystery where interaction is necessary. The more interaction, the more the sphere unveils. So, take the hand of your fellow GLOW walker and experience how technology fosters connections through human interaction. The climax promises a visual and auditory zenith that will keep you watching.

GLOWBLE is a light artwork that serves as a meeting place. The sphere positions itself as the centerpiece, requiring you and others to make it shine. The object reflects the energy of the festival; through light and sound, colors and patterns dance to ‘The Beat.’ The surrounding natural elements, such as the flowing Dommel river and majestic weeping beech trees, provide the artwork with a harmonious environment of light and shadow. GLOWBLE was born to create a deeper human connection in a digital world dominated by devices.

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Talent Awards by GoodHabitz

GLOWBLE is nominated for the GLOW Talent Award. In this competition, seven student teams vie for the coveted audience award. Join in and ensure that one of these teams gets the opportunity to further develop their project, along with a valuable monetary prize. Vote as well! Your vote makes a difference and opens the door to new creative innovations.

Starting from November 11th, you can cast your vote.


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About the artists


Project team GLOWBLE is a part of Team IGNITE, the student team from the Technical University of Eindhoven and the very first Art & Tech team in the Netherlands. The team’s mission is to harness the power of light in public spaces and create meaningful experiences that connect, enrich, and inspire people. They made their debut in 2021 and have since grown significantly. The team comprises over 30 students from various disciplines and educational institutions, ranging from Industrial Design to Electrical Engineering. Team GLOWBLE draws inspiration from various sources, from other light artists to nature and human behavior. What characterizes their work are the interactive elements they always incorporate to create social impact, their creative use of new technology and theory, and their commitment to inspiring (young) people. Visit the projects ‘GLOWBLE’ and ‘Paper Trails: Two Throws’ at GLOW and discover how they shed light on new possibilities, connect the world with innovative ideas, and provide the audience with meaningful experiences.

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