GLOWing Horizons with CITYVERSE

GLOWing Horizons

Pullman Hotel Cocagne 

For the first time in nearly two decades, GLOW is extending beyond the familiar city limits of Eindhoven. For eighteen years, people from all over the world have gathered in the center of Eindhoven to admire groundbreaking light artworks. Hidden spots, cozy squares, and green parks serve as the stage for an outdoor festival that illuminates the city in an entirely new light. But this year, it’s not just the city that shines; the surrounding region also comes to life. GLOWing Horizons brings light art to everyone, and that means a journey beyond the city limits with the light artwork “CITYVERSE” by OCUBO. A convergence of all the projections in the villages comes to life at the Pullman Hotel Cocagne Eindhoven.

In this very first edition of GLOWing Horizons, the villages of Geldrop-Mierlo, Waalre, Oirschot, and Best lead the way with exceptional buildings that serve as the canvas for light art. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come: a preview of the future with the region as a beacon of light. Witness how the Standerdmolen in Mierlo undergoes a transformation, while in Oirschot, the centuries-old Sint-Petrusbasiliek and the Kloostertuinen shine in a new light. The Town Hall and the chapel in Best becomes a new masterpieces, alongside The Weaving Museum and Weaving Factory in Geldrop and Het Huis van Waalre in Waalre.

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In GLOWing Horizons, we take you on a journey to the interactive light artwork called CITYVERSE, where the municipalities of Geldrop-Mierlo, Waalre, Oirschot, Best, and Eindhoven shine together, each in its own unique way. Each municipality brings its own story, identity, and culture to life. All these diverse projections come together on the facades of the Pullman Hotel Cocagne as a place where the villages meet and blend. The essence comes to life there: we are together and part of the rhythm, the beat, the vibes.

CITYVERSE is not just a light artwork; it breathes the soul of each village and carries the culture of its residents. For local residents, the projections may be recognizable through personal anecdotes, stories, and a deep history that reflects the strength of the village. The artist collective OCUBO ventures into the villages to uncover the unique characteristics of each place. They capture the distinctive sounds that define the character of each village, listen to the voices of the residents, and study the forms of the buildings. The feelings and atmosphere that exist in each village will be studied and brought to life in each individual part of CITYVERSE. And all of this comes together at the Hotel Pullman Cocagne, where the villagers recognize pieces of themselves in the city, and where visitors encounter aspects of the villages. It serves as a nod to the fact that it’s the residents who breathe life into every city and village. They constitute the beating heart, the core of everything that happens.

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About the artists


For nearly 20 years, the artist collective OCUBO has been astonishing people with captivating video mapping creations. They travel the world to create exhibitions with a special focus on technological innovations. Their dedication to progress is so strong that they have even established their own research laboratory, where they develop solutions in the fields of interactivity, light, and digital media art installations. OCUBO’s installations and shows have left their mark on the world’s largest international light festivals in more than 35 countries, spanning Europe, America, and the Middle East. Whether it’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, imposing monuments, or vibrant public spaces, OCUBO has brought them all to life through storytelling. As they themselves say, “There is always a story around the corner, just as people have gathered around a campfire for centuries to share stories, we try to bring those stories to light literally.” All of their shows have deep-rooted human experiences that are invaluable in making the shows extraordinary. ‘Art and innovation thrive best when rooted in human connections and stories.’

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