In this edition, GLOW and you get closer. Because in addition to the many exceptional light art objects you also meet something (or should we say someone) who is on a special human focused mission.

Meet GLOWIE. Her objective: to help you to be the best possible version of yourself. She really wants to know what makes your heart race. Or what is bothering you. So talk to her and let her discover what you need in your life. Of course she remains modest and she is always aware that she is a voice controlled, hypermodern chatbot that lives from one upgrade to another.

‘GLOWIE Wants To Talk To You’ combines chatbot technology, voice command and light art based on your emotional state-of-mind, inspired by the latest watch designs of Swatch. Developed by Greenhouse Group and Sahara Benelux. Made possible by Swatch. GLOW Eindhoven has an international ambition and is partnering with light art festivals around the world. Which is why she speaks English. Let’s talk.

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About the artist

Greenhouse Group & Sahara Benelux

Greenhouse Group is the umbrella organization of f ive innovation and leading agencies in digital marketing.

Sahara Benelux is the audiovisual distributor with focus on AV partners and projects in the Benelux.

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