Large Pendulum Wave

Large Pendulum Wave

Mathematics and physics boring? Large Pendulum Wave proves otherwise! The over seven-meter-tall installation shows that mathematical and physical principles can generate highly poetic images. Large Pendulum Wave consists of a frame from which fifteen pendulums hang, each with a glowing sphere. Due to the different lengths of the pendulums, they form surprising patterns.

Traveling waves transition into groups ‘dancing’ against each other, only to eventually descend into apparent chaos. Later on, the spheres suddenly return to a harmonious pattern. Not only the motion of the spheres but also the color of their illumination follows a wondrous arrangement. Together, these movements create a mesmerizing spectacle.

Ivo Schoofs and his team aim to bridge the gap between science and the public with installations based on recognizable phenomena that are a feast for the eyes.

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About the artist

Ivo Schoofs

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