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Koetshuis Villa de Laak, Nachtegaallaan 2

Het Koetshuis of Villa de Laak – as original residence of the Philips family – literally gets a new skin during GLOW. The historic heritage site is completely transformed by more than 20,000 LED lamps. Stunning and sustainable at the same time. Because despite their visual intensity, the lamps use very little energy. The light show is accompanied by a beautiful musical composition and special sound effects.

Become a part of it, use your imagination, because you’ve never seen anything like it. The artwork shows the perfect collaboration and unlimited possibilities of art as it brings different technologies together. he show includes references to people with different backgrounds and the old historic building. All connected in one light art composition. The 3Beam foundation faced major challenges to achieve this implementation. The central question was: What is feasible in terms of production, lay-out, integration and installation on site? Furthermore, the synchronisation of all light sources with the music composition was a challenge. But every creation is unique and comes about step by step. The team continued to create, learn and grow. With breath-taking and amazing results.

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" W e v e r b i n d e n v e r s c h i l l e n d e t e c h n o l o g i e n , m e n s e n m e t v e r s c h i l l e n d e a c h t e r g r o n d e n , o u d e h i s t o r i s c h e g e b o u w e n e n i e t s n i e u w s i n n l i c h t k u n s t c o m p o s i t i e "

About the artist


The 3Beam foundation originated in the TMC Entrepreneurial Lab. This is where experts from various domains come together. The Lab is a place for employeneurship and where technological dreams come true. The team works every year on new developments and now also has other clients. What’s special about this unique project is that it grows each year, searching for the perfect mixture between technology and art. The artwork generates enthusiasm and inspires people. It motivates the technically-minded to challenge themselves on both technological and personal levels. Visitors to GLOW are inspired by what they see. Because it is crazy to realise that you can create such beautiful things with knowledge of maths and software. Technology is fun!

This project is sponsort by TMC, Settels-Savenije and ProPixeler.

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