Light Attack

Light Attack

“Light Attack” consists of projecting a human figure from a moving car onto the facades of the city. The figure is live animated, and software connects existing videos and short animations to external information, such as the speed of the car. This allows the director to focus entirely on the interaction between the figure and its environment. The virtual character can approach a group of people, follow a passerby, sit on the grass, or look at leaves on the ground.

The car follows the festival route and can appear at any given moment. Since we are not accustomed to moving images intruding into our personal living environment, questions arise about ownership and privacy. How public is the public space?

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About the artist

Daniel Sauter

Daniel Sauter’s work revolves around the implications of new media and technology for culture and society. He realizes digital art, performances, sound art, interactive installations, and robots, many of which are displayed in public spaces.

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