Lucy will sparkle in the sky like a diamond high above the canal. Her presence seems so obvious, she was just not visible until now. Her skin is bright while one minute, and the next it is a radiant diamond. The dynamic depends on the strength and direction of the wind.

Lucy is illuminated by enormous searchlights from World War II. Two of these so-called Carbon Arcs dating from 1942 have been renovated and fitted with green electrics specially for project Lucy. These are the brightest lamps ever to have been made. The intensity of one lamp is equivalent to 800 million candles. During the war they were vital for spotting enemy bombers at night and then shooting them down.

Luckily, they now serve only as light art, bringing Lucy to life. Inspired by the immensity of the universe that rises above us, is elusive… and descends on us with a thin layer of protection without immediately revealing its secrets. Lucy may look like a star, but you can almost touch her. A star specially made for the city of Eindhoven. She pokes holes of light in the Urban Skin of the city and makes it twinkle.

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" L u c y i s e e n s t e r s p e c i a a l v o o r E i n d h o v e n o n t w o r p e n "

About the artist

Ivo Schoofs & Pepe Heijnen

Ivo Schoofs loves experimenting, builds prototypes and creates kinetic art, moving light objects and festival installations. He graduated in physics for a reason. “I want to show the beauty of science and technology in a way that people can understand, he explained to the Eindhovens Dagblad back in 2017 He started making things, creating objects and building devices at an early age. This stimulated his fascination for natural and physical phenomena such as gravity, motion, heat, light, lightning and friction. Schoofs’ light art objects are therefore also often based on these natural and physical phenomena ‘Lucy has been created especially for GLOW and the Eindhoven city canal. There are very few locations in Eindhoven with a straight line of sight and the canal is perhaps the most beautiful because of the reflection in the water and the presence of water in general.’

Pepe Heijnen is interested in connecting technology and art Since his childhood, he has been involved with cables, ropes and other connections. As a broadly trained electrical engineer in high and low voltage, he specialises in electronics and automation. Because of his amazement for machines and movement, physics, lightning and the world of Nikola Tesla, he is fascinated to make technical ends in art, fiction and experience. Pepe has already made several works for GLOW, and is a trusted artist from Eindhoven.

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