A different point of view

A different point of view

Kanaaldijk-Noord / Tenierslaan

A different point of view. Literally and figuratively. When are you going to see sixteen DAF trucks in a circle formation in the parking lot of the Praxis? A new type of performance will transform the empty parking lot, it is a truck theater. If you take a position inside the circle, you are part of the whole, and experience the performance. If you are outside the circle, you have no idea what’s happening inside. A different point of view…

Together the trucks give an enormous appearance of power. Much bigger than yourself. The circular arrangement allows you to be part of the circle and elevates that sense of power even more: an ancient form of being together. Campfires, shamans, dancing, DAF trucks…

All trucks function with their own lighting and their own controls. Each truck’s headlights are programmed to perform in a unique transition. The truck lights become a light show. A totally new form, from purely functional to light art. Michel Suk hopes his light artwork allows visitors to experience the moment. That everyday thoughts drift away, creating space for something completely new. And all of this is within walking distance of the DAF museum.

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About the artist

Michel Suk

Michel Suk is a technician and artist from Eindhoven. He spent his student days in Eindhoven and quickly interacted with technology. He rolled into’ the light’ through theater productions, TV, and music performances. Michel has a special bond with GLOW Eindhoven, and he came to know many sides and developments of light. He has been connected to GLOW for years as an artist or technician, depending on your point of view.

Michel gets a lot of inspiration from architecture and music. He always tries to make a statement with his projects, as with ‘A different point of view’, where you feel smaller because of the size of the work.

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