Lumière Tango

Lumière Tango

GLOW project ‘Lumière Tango’ by the Dutch artist Wouter Brave can best be described as a light choreography. A choreography not executed by real dancers of flesh and blood but by 48 light beams that delicately perform on the tango composition ‘NoviTango’ by Astor Piazolla. The choreography, however, is carried out equally accurate as were the beams professional dancers; an amazing spectacle. The intensity of the light beams contributes to the extraordinary interplay of these light lines that dissolve into the cold night air.
As a spectator, you may choose to enjoy the light show from a distance. Yet, the experience is a lot more intense walking right through it. Once among the ‘dancers’, an interaction takes place between you and this work of art. The light beams seem to transform into substance, thus causing near-physical experience.

Programming and choreografy Carly Eilander.
Technical realisation Mirage Laser Group


Foto: Claus Langer


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About the artist

Wouter Brave

The multidisciplinary Dutch artist Wouter Brave, born in Amsterdam but currently living in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands, has a long record of service. For the last 10 years, he has been active as a light artist, light architect and visual artist. During the period 1981 – 2000, Brave mostly worked as a performing artist, dancer and choreographer. His current fascination for light art combined with his dancing and choreography background, led to this work of art which he developed especially for GLOW 2016.

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