High Tech Campus, The Strip

Zero. The beginning. Birth, life, death and rebirth. Monad says it all at once. It is a spectacular video projection on a water screen that offers an inviting, inspiring and exciting experience. Wonder and reflection on life, and the chance of a new beginning. Pythagoras called it a circle – Monad, and this is where this light art installation takes its name from. He believed that it is with good reason that the circle is the most perfect of all creative shapes, without a beginning or an end. Whole, infinite, eternal, united. Viewed as a halo, an element of the spirit, the circle unites the elements of life: fire, air, water and earth. It is a symbol of time, the perpetual movement of life. The gigantic rhythm of the universe and original perfection. The circle limits chaos and offers protection. It provides balance and harmony. Artist Anastasia Isachsen combines, as she herself says, all these layers of intellectual meanings and symbols with deep emotional expression. The artwork was made during the global pandemic and remains relevant as a reflection on the ongoing global crisis. It is Anastasia’s reflection on our interconnectedness, life, and our relationship with death but also the hope of rebirth and a new beginning. The creation of this piece is a mesmerising experience, partly thanks to the collaboration with the renowned Norwegian jazz composer Arve Henriksen, who has created a deeply emotional musical composition to accompany this magnificent projection.

Monad by Anastasia Isachsen can be seen together with the light installation Luna by Janis Peterson. Together, they create a poetic, enigmatic and profound experience. The water on the High Tech Campus provides the setting.

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About the artist

Anastasia Isachsen

Originally from Norway, Anastasia Isachsen is a visual artist and curator specializing in projections and light art. She creates video art for various international cultural projects such as festivals, concerts and dance performances, whereby she enjoys working together with other artists including musicians, poets or choreographers. Her work can be seen as minimalistic and graphic, but her art is always rich in visual meaning and symbolism which gives her work a philosophical edge. ‘The connection between intellectual and emotional aspects is what makes my work a complete experience, that people want to see time and time again. I hope that the same is true of Monad at GLOW.’

A fun fact is that she also organises light art festivals. Anastasia is the artistic director and curator of Fjord Studio, a studio specialising in the compilation and execution of light art productions in Norway. Twice a year she produces the light art festivals Fjord Oslo and Fjord Geiranger. ‘I absolutely love what I do. I love the periods of creation, deep concentration, and the feeling of being connected with something bigger than myself. I love our new art form, light art, and by both being an artist and founding our two light art festivals I am contributing to its development and sharing it with our wonderful audiences.’

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