My Public Garden

My Public Garden

The Herbum Follus reminds one of swaying reeds, with the plumes replaced by red lights. The Carbonium resembles a pruned little tree, with its buds formed by light bulbs and its trunk by meters of electrical cables. The Ombrellum with its large rosettes brings to mind a bouquet of chrysanthemums or marigolds, while the Pissenlit refers to the dandelion’s fluffy seed head.

Together, these sculptures create a festive setting where visitors can wander through. The normally empty and expansive square has temporarily transformed into a city park, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing people to peacefully enjoy the surroundings.

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About the artist


French group TILT, founded by Francois Fouilhé and Jean-Baptiste Laude, has turned the 18 Septemberplein into a lush flower garden. Luminous sculptures with whimsical names and shapes are scattered across the square.

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Projects. 2010.

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